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Introducing Teena Shah

Graduated in BSc in Psychology & Masters in Organisational Coaching.

International Coaching Federation Member & Certified Business Coach.

Teena has countless success stories as a coach, helping technology candidates from recent graduates to c-level executives to find better aligned career paths. She has experience coaching clients to effectively drive business outcomes that serve better for the future.

Her professional journey has taken her on a path where it has enabled Psychology, Sales and Coaching to collide to create impactful partnerships with diverse organisations from boutique companies, to emerging tech. Along the way she has danced with giants such as Microsoft, Financial services, Government enterprises, tailoring bespoke solutions in Recruitment.

Global experience across UK, Australia, Asia Pacific. Award winning Highly Commended Best Consultant by Global Recruiter Asia Pacific.

Personally she is passionate about contributing to the wider community.

She has been a Mentor for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience

& Females in Information Technology.

Currently Yes Futures Coach and a Mindvalley Local Host in London.

A curious mind that thrives when learning. Empowering a growth mindset approach, she is on a mission to nurture growth and help others to seer the waves of rapid change, by contributing her skills to help innovate you to surf beautifully. Ride the wave and take your career and business aspirations to

new horizons.

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Your Path to Career Success Begins Here!

Coaching blended with expertise from recruitment, coaching, sales and psychology.

Consider me your Coach extraordinaire specialising in unlocking doors and handing you the keys to your professional success. Whether your navigating a labyrinth of job interviews or aiming to conquer Mount Resume, help in your career management or simply seeking a deeper understanding of your unique strengths, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Together, we'll embark on a transformational experience.

Imagine facing interviews with unwavering confidence, armed with strategies to showcase your best self and capture the attention of potential employers.

Picture your resume as a masterpiece, expertly tailored to showcase your skills and accomplishments, making you stand out in any crowd. And beyond these tangible skills, envision a clearer understanding of your strengths and abilities, empowering you to make informed career choices that align with your aspirations and with confidence grow in your professional life.

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As your dedicated Coach, I'm committed to providing you with the tools, insights, and support you need to navigate the complex world of professional growth.

Whether you're a recent graduate taking your first steps into the workforce or a seasoned professional looking to take your career to the next level.

I'm here to partner with you on this journey.

Let's work together to open doors, shatter barriers, and pave the way to your ultimate professional success. Your potential is limitless, and with guidance,

you'll find the pathway to achieving the job you want.



Extensive experience in recruitment and understanding of emerging technology.

Whether you looking to transition fields, explore new horizons.



Your Brand is You

Develop profiles that

are innovate that reflect you.

Elevate your online



Unearth your True Value

Discover your strengths, values .

Gain insights into your unique attributes.

Better alignment with careers.

Utilise an array of assessments and tools .

Strategies that deliver

Job searching is an art, discover tools to stand out in a competitive


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Careers Exploration

Stuck in a Job that no longer aligns to YOU

Discover your true passions.

Unearth your values.

Discover your strengths.

Alignment to career paths

6 Sessions

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YOUR Brand

Polish yourself

Build Tools to become a Master in

Your Job Search

Upskill on improving your portfolio, your network.

5 Sessions

Coaching the


Navigating the changes

Create roadmap for achieving long

term aspirations

6 Sessions



Reflect + Refresh

Learn to navigate yourself from change whether Technology driven, lifestyle changes or need a new perspective

2 Sessions

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Past and Future

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